Annual General Meeting Minutes

Sunday 19th May at 1.00pm at Dennington Bowls Club


Opening: Chairman Maureen Drennan opened the meeting at 1pm.
Attendance: Board Members: Maureen Drennan, Marian Treweek, Daryl Andrew, Alan Becker, Margaret Sumner, Liz Lenehan
Club Delegates: City Memorial BC Gary Davey Barbara Bibby
Dennington BC Phillip Ross (s) Sheridan Barling
Koroit BC Wendy Howlett Wayne Cooper
Lawn Tennis BC Robert Treweek Robert Prout
Mortlake BC (s) Scott Pierce (s) Anne van Diemen
Port Fairy BC Bob Mallett Alan Parker
Terang BC Ron Mills (s) Jean Fidge
Timboon BC Peter Baker (s) Joan Laing
Warrnambool BC Wayne McCosh (s) Ian Hatfield
Others: Life member (Graeme Kershaw), Rex Harris, Barry Padgham, Brenda Hawker, Judy Murnane; Vince Lenehan
Apologies: Kevin Lee, B Crimmin, B Bowen, T Scott.
Apologies accepted G Davey and seconded P Ross/ C
Minutes: Confirmation of Minutes from the WDBD Annual General Meeting on 20th May 2018. Minutes were accepted as a true and correct record. Moved A Parker. Seconded R Mills /C
From the Minutes: Nil

Correspondence : West Coast Bowls Region – AGM Sunday 2nd June, 10.30 at Warrnambool BC;
4 representatives from each division to attend.
Bowls Victoria: Removal of BVRR positions from Constitution; Regional presidents and secretaries to attend BV meetings.
Bowls Victoria: Bowlslink Training Sessions – Hamilton 26th June 3.30- 6.30; Camperdown 27th June 10-1 Clubs to respond on the link provided on the email.
Paul Jackson : Information re current grants available.

Reports: * Chairman Maureen Drennan
 Match Committee D Andrew including Match Committee summary
 Selection Committee M Sumner and P O’Donnell
 Umpires Committee R Treweek :
 IT Report R Harris
 Annual Financial Report M Treweek
Moved B Mallett and S Barling that all reports be adopted. /C
Copies of these reports are attached to these minutes.
Election of Office Bearers; As the only candidates nominated by May 11th, the following were duly elected to positions of responsibility for the 2019-20 season:
Chairman: Maureen Drennan (Dennington)

Deputy Chairman: Barry Padgham (Koroit)

Secretary/ Treasurer: Marian Treweek (LTBC)

Board Members : An election was held with four nominations for three Board positions. Scrutineers were Alan Becker and Graeme Kershaw. Daryl Andrew (CMBC) Elizabeth Lenehan (Warrnambool) and Margaret Sumner (Terang) were elected.

Match Committee: (4 Men from different clubs and 4 Women from different clubs) Daryl Andrew (CMBC) Bill Hunting (Warrnambool) Barry Padgham (Koroit) Ian Prout (LTBC) Betty Banham (Warrnambool) Judith Murnane (CMBC) Marian Treweek (LTBC) and Margaret Sumner (Terang) were declared elected.

Greens Committee; (4 members from different clubs) Eric Hirst (LTBC) Stephen Wines (Dennington) * 2 vacancies

Umpiring/ Rules Committee: (5 members) Robert Treweek (LTBC) Dorothy Gleeson (CMBC) * 3 vacancies

Selection : (2 Men from different clubs and 2 Women from different clubs ) As there were three nominations for two positions of Women’s selectors, an election was conducted. Maureen Drennan (Dennington) and Brenda Hawker (Warrnambool) were successful candidates.

Men’s Selection: Barry Crimmin (Warrnambool) * 1 vacancy

• Positions unfilled will become Casual Vacancies. Expressions of Interest forms are to be submitted to the secretary for the Board to appoint personnel at their meeting on Monday 3rd June. (attached)

Other Positions: No nominations were received but positions will be filled by the Board from Expressions of Interest.
Junior Committee:
WDBD Website Management and Communication on Competitions
Press Correspondent

Other Business:

1. Notices of Motions from City Memorial BC :
These do not comply with our WDBD regulations of 6/8/2018, where proposed notices of motion are to be received 30 days before the February meeting, where they are to be discussed. Formal motions are then to be presented at least 30 days before the AGM, to give clubs ample time to circulate and vote at the AGM in May. The Match Committee has addressed these concerns in their Pennant Rule Changes.

• ”That Pennant players should be picked on merit- therefore players who are regular Division 1 players on Tuesday should not be selected to play in Division 4 (or lower) on Saturday. “
• “That Pennant players should be picked on merit – therefore players who are regular Division 1 players on Saturday should not be selected to play in Division 2 or 3 (or lower) on Tuesday. “

2. Financial Recommendations from the Board :
• The Honoraria to remain the same as last year: $300 chairman; $100 deputy chairman and $1000 secretary.
• Committee expenses to be the same as in 2018-19: Match Committee $500; Greens $200; IT $500; Umpiring $200.
• The prize money for division events be reduced to $100 per event with $80 for winners and $20 for runners up.
• Member affiliation fees will be advised by September when numbers are more definite. ($11,200 collected in 2018-19 for 974 members @ $11.50)
Authority to Sign Division Cheques and other Negotiable Instruments; Authority to sign the WDBD Inc accounts at the Bendigo Bank BSB 633108 Account No 109746485 – Chairman Maureen Drennan, Secretary/Treasurer Marian Treweek and include Deputy Chair Barry Padgham. Remove Alan Becker.
Moved R Treweek seconded P Baker / C
Appointment of Auditor Ron Horne was appointed as Auditor for the 2019-20 season. Moved G Davey seconded P Ross /C

3. Pennant Rule Changes :

The Match Committee have advocated these rules be imposed for the coming season.
(a) With implications of City Memorial constructing a roof over two greens, the competition will be made equitable for all clubs –
• If half, or more than half, of the matches of a pennant division are abandoned because of inclement weather, points for that division will be shared.
(b) Both pennant competitions are to be selected on merit. However it was noted that last season, some clubs did not adhere to this policy, even after several email reminders.
• A Saturday division 1 player, having played 5 or more or of the last 10 pennant games in division 1, can only play division 1 in Midweek pennant.
• A Midweek division 1 player, having played 5 or more or of the last 10 pennant games in division 1, can only play divisions 1, 2, 3 in Saturday pennant.
4. Pennant Structure:
Recommendations from the Match Committee submitted in February received feedback from all clubs. The Match Committee collated information and looked at the majority of responses in each area to formulate plans for Saturday and Midweek Pennants.
Saturday pennant :
• 10 teams per divisions 1,2,3. 8 teams div 4 and 5 (at this stage)
• 12 players per side in the top 4 divisions ; 8 players in division 5
• 14 home and away matches
• 25 ends of play
• Limitations of teams in division 1
• Promotion and relegation by negotiation
• 12.45 start Afternoon break at 3pm
• 36 degree heat policy
• Rolling draw
• Two year trial

Midweek Pennant :
• 10 teams division 1 and 2 ; 8 teams div 3 ?
• 12 players div 1 and 2; 8 players in division 3
• 14 home and away matches
• 25 ends of play
• Limitations of teams in division 1
• Promotion and relegation by negotiation
• 9.30 start; Lunch break 11.45 am
• 36 degree heat policy
• Rolling draw
• Two year trial

There was some discussion regarding the changed starting time, and earlier lunch time for Midweek Pennant.
B Bibby moved that the starting times for Midweek pennant remain at 10.15, with lunch from 12.15 to 1.00. Seconded J Laing.
An amendment was proposed by R Prout that the Board be asked to circulate a questionnaire regarding this matter to Clubs for discussion with their members. Responses to be returned by the 30th of June.
A decision to be made by the Board on majority responses. Seconded P Ross
Delegates voted on the amendment which was passed 9/0. Therefore the original motion lapsed.

5. Requested Information : Secretary Marian Treweek asked that clubs forward listed Club Tournaments, club numbers and club contacts as soon as possible.

6. Advertising in Fixture Booklet : Clubs are being offered one page in the fixture book to advertise tournaments or special days. The cost to be $75 per club, most of which will be the cost of artwork by Starprinting. Please advise Marian by the end of May of your club is interested. It is important to plan number of pages in booklet before a quote is sought.

7. Pennant score sheets – Clubs advised more pennant score sheet pads are required, particularly for Saturday pennant. Marian to organise with Starprinting.

8. History of the WDBA : Graeme Kershaw has published a book on “ The 99 Years of the WDBA”,with details of minutes, past pennant and championship winners. Two copies were offered to each club. More can be printed if required.

9. Club News :
Lawn Tennis : Social bowls Monday and Thursdays still attracting good numbers.
Dennington : The carpark has been asphalted, working on lighting. Gary Horner has taken on the role as greenkeeper after the loss of Ron Symons. Car boot Sale June 16th.
Terang : AGM coming up this week. Friday afternoon social bowls.
Mortlake : AGM last week. Winter bowls 12.30 Tuesdays.
Port Fairy : AGM this week, Tenders to go out in June for the new building.
City Memorial : The passing of secretary Fred Fish was noted. Ron Hose is new secretary. Hopefully the greens will be ready for play in a couple of months.
Koroit : Brendan Holscher is the new president. A grant was received for new toilets, hopefully to begin soon.
Warrnambool : Two greens are being resurfaced, one nearly finished.
Timboon : AGM four weeks ago. Same office bearers. The club did well financially in hosting the Tuesday and Saturday grand finals. Thank you to all who supported Bedgy with his hair trim, and contributed $1500 to the Brain Cancer research.

The meeting closed at 2.45 pm. The next delegates meeting to be held in September at Dennington Bowls Club. Date to be confirmed.

AGM May 19 Minutes