WDBD Rules for Pennant 2017 - 2018


After review on 10 July 2017


All play will be in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (including Domestic Regulations for Australia), and with the Bowls Victoria Rules for Competition.

1.    Pennant shall be open to club sides made up of players who are financial members of that WDBD club. Dual members must have that club as their nominated club.

2.    Composition of Sides

A club can field one or more sides in pennant competitions. If more than one side is fielded the second and subsequent sides of the club will be graded in numerical sequence as 2, 3, 4, etc. in descending order of their seniority. Sides will be filled by available bowlers in descending order of seniority. If there are insufficient bowlers available to fill all sides entered by the club in the pennant competition the lowest numbered side will be the side which forfeits.

3.    In a pennant match each team shall play 25 ends. A preliminary roll up of 2 ends shall be allowed providing it is completed before the time appointed for the commencement of the match.

4.    Each club is to use coloured discs as allocated in the by-laws.

5.    Prior to the commencement of each pennant match the home club shall appoint an umpire for that match. The appointed umpire and the side manager must not be the same person.

6.    Sides and Timing

All Pennant is open competition with all participants to be selected on merit.

       Saturday Pennant

       A Side consists of: -

       Division 1                         4 Teams of 4 Players              Total 16 Players

       Divisions 2 and 3             3 Teams of 4 Players              Total 12 Players

       Division 4                         2 Teams of 4 Players              Total 8 Players

The commencement time for each home and away and finals match shall be not later than 1.00 PM unless otherwise specified by the Match Committee.

An afternoon tea break shall commence as ends are completed after a signal at 3.00 PM. Play shall resume not more than 20 minutes after the signal is given.

If any home and away match has not been completed by 6.00 PM play will cease with the ends in play at that time. Any end in play at that time will not be replayed if it becomes dead.

       Tuesday Pennant

       A Side consists of: -

       Divisions 1 and 2             3 Teams of 4 Players             Total 12 Players

       Divisions       3                 2 Teams of 4 Players              Total 8 Players

The commencement time for each home and away and finals match shall be not later than 10.15 AM unless otherwise specified by the Match Committee.

A lunch break will commence at the completion of ends in play at 12.15 PM and play will resume by 1.00 PM.

If any home and away match has not been completed by 4.30 PM play will cease with the ends in play at that time. Any end in play at that time will not be replayed if it becomes dead.

7.    Pre-Match Practice

Before 12 noon Saturday or 9.15 AM Tuesday on the day of a match any player due to play in that match can, with the permission of the Venue Club, practice on any rink other than the rink on which they are scheduled to play or any part of the rinks allocated for the match.

8.    Abandoned Matches

        (a)  Pennant play will be abandoned on any declared day of Total Fire Ban in the South Western District.

       (b)   If there is no Total Fire Ban, the Match Committee shall be the authority for determining if all pennant play shall be abandoned for the day and its decision shall be communicated to all clubs by telephone, FAX or E Mail.          

       (c)   Heat Policy

If predicted high temperatures do not result in a Match Committee decision to abandon all pennant for the day, sides may agree to delay the start of play until the times specified in Rule 9 (a) (2), or suspend or abandon play as described in Rule 9. If play has commenced the Region Heat Rule applies: “At 36 degrees, play must be suspended or abandoned at the conclusion of ends in play, excluding dead ends. Suspended play may only recommence if the temperature is less than 36 degrees for 15 minutes.”

Inclement Weather

9.    (a)   (1)   If the Greens Director is to be absent, each home club shall appoint a nominated                                  deputy who shall be present to act. The Greens Director or the appointed deputy                                     shall be the sole authority for determining whether play may be commenced on the                              greens of the club. If a decision against play for the day is reached before the arrival                              of visiting sides they should be contacted by telephone.

              (2)   If play for the day has not commenced by 2.00 PM (Saturday) or by 11.30

                      AM (Tuesday) it shall be abandoned.

              (3)   If play for the day has commenced and subsequently, due to considerations of

                     the weather (for example rain, thunderstorms or excessive heat), one side

                     wishes to leave the green and the other does not, the umpire shall resolve the dispute.

              (4)   If play has been suspended because the Greens Director or appointed deputy

                     closes the greens as unfit for play it shall not be resumed if the green remains

                     closed, but otherwise the side managers, or the Umpire on appeal, shall decide

                     whether or not to resume. If play is resumed the provisions of Law 32 shall apply.

       (b)   If a home and away match is abandoned during play and a result is possible the points

              will be allotted as if the match had been completed with the points for team wins and

              shots allotted on the scores as they stand at the time of the abandonment.

       (c)   If a match is abandoned and a result is not possible, the match becomes an abandoned                   match with each side receiving half the maximum points.

        (d)   Every effort will be made, regardless of time, to complete any finals match, but if the                          match is abandoned for the day it will be completed under such conditions as the                          Match Committee decides.

Change of Date or Venue

10.  (a)   (1)   Permission to play a match on other than the fixed day must be applied for to

                     the Match Committee, and later confirmed in writing. Such matches shall be

                     played within 14 days of the fixture date.

              (2)   If agreed by both clubs, permission to vary the commencement time of play may                               be sought in accordance with the provisions of 10 (a) (1).

              (3)   A player may not play in more than one side in the same round of pennant.

       (b)   Permission to play a match at other than the fixed venue due to inability to prepare

              or insufficient rinks or result of weather conditions or for any other reason, may be

              obtained from the Match Committee Chairperson or his or her delegate.  

10.  (c)   In the event that any club with insufficient rinks available, or as a result of weather

              conditions or for any other reason, instigates a change of venue, then the whole of the

              match shall be transferred to the other venue.

11   Record Keeping and Results

The home side shall arrange for the results of all matches played on its greens to be entered on the prescribed forms and sent to the Match Committee promptly on the day of play, or by direct data entry via the Bowls Connect online IT system or other electronic means.

12   Eligibility of Players

       (a)   A side with a bye may not move more than two players from that side in their previous                       match to any lower side.

       (b)   For the last four rounds of home and away matches no side shall include more than three                 players who, have played the majority of their matches in higher numbered sides.[Side 1                   is a higher numbered side than side 2.]

       (c)   To be eligible to play in a finals match, a player must have played at least four matches              with that side and/or lower numbered sides of that club, in that pennant competition                              during the current season.

Players selected when a match or a round is abandoned, those in a side given a forfeit, and players listed to play against a bye, will be considered to have played in that round, the players to qualify being those listed on the pennant check form for a match that is abandoned after it has started, or, for any match that does not start, those named by their club in the side submitted for publication by 6 PM on Wednesday.

If any club is uncertain of having available sufficient members who are eligible under this rule, it can apply to the WDBD March Committee for permission to play, if necessary, other nominated members. If permission is granted such members can play in any position other than skip.

13.  Points Scored

       Match points shall be allocated as follows: -

              Sides with 4 teams              

              8 points for a side win and 2 points for each team win, total 16 points.

              Sides with 3 teams

              6 points for a side win and 2 points for each team win, total 12 points

              Sides with 2 teams

              4 points for a side win and 2 points for each team win, total 8 points.

              Half of these points to each side if the match or team result is a tie.

              Abandoned Match     Each side to receive half maximum points

              Abandoned Round    Each side to receive zero points

If a competition has equal numbers of byes, sides with a bye will score zero points.

For unequal numbers of byes, when the round is not abandoned a side with a bye shall receive half the maximum points for their division.

14.       Forfeits

A club needing to forfeit a pennant match must notify the designated Match Committee record keeper by 6.00 PM on the day before the match. All teams in a side receiving a walkover shall be deemed to have won and as well as being allotted the maximum permissible points, the side receiving the walkover shall gain 15 shots. The side giving the walkover shall lose 15 shots.


15.  At the completion of home and away matches and where sides have equal points the respective positions shall be determined by shots up. If still equal, the order will then be determined by the aggregate shots against each side being divided into the aggregate shots scored.

16.  The top four sides in each division shall enter in their respective division finals. Finals shall be played on neutral greens chosen by the Match Committee excepting (if necessary) the Grand finals of both Saturday and Tuesday Pennant. All Grand finals for each of the pennant competitions will be played on the same day at the same venue. The Grand Finals venue will be chosen in a rotation around those clubs able to provide 12 rinks on suitable greens.

       Order of Play:

       Semi Finals: 1st Semi Final 3 v 4, 2nd Semi Final, 1 v 2.

       Preliminary Final: Winner of 1st Semi Final v Loser of 2nd Semi Final

       Grand Final:  Winner of 2nd Semi Final v Winner of Preliminary Final

  1.   In a pennant final the results shall be determined by the total shots scored by each side without regard to team wins. If the total shots are equal at the conclusion of the fixed number of ends a further end or ends shall be played by all teams in the sides, until a majority total score is reached by one of the opponents who shall then become the winner.

Other Matters

18.  Providing that it is the club's lowest side, a club side will be permitted to play one player short in any or all of the teams.  As detailed in Bowls Australia Domestic Regulation 2.5 a team with an absent player plays as though the second is the missing player. The order of play is maintained by the second of the competing team playing consecutive bowls. Each player plays 2 bowls. There is no adjustment to the scores.

       Domestic Regulation 2.5 also applies if a player arrives late or is unable to continue to play. If absent players or eligible substitutes becomes available they may be introduced into the team at the completion of the end in play at the time.

19.  At afternoon tea or lunch a home manager or club official shall welcome all clubs present and one designated manager or club official may respond on behalf of all visiting clubs.

20.  Infringement of any of the Laws, or of the Rules for Pennant, may involve imposition of a penalty as determined by the Division Board after considering the recommendation of the Match Committee. Penalties available may be a fine not exceeding $50, and/or disqualification, loss of match points, or a replay.

21.   Perceived problems concerning attire, rule violations, or the state of a green will be    followed           up if a formal complaint is lodged. A formal complaint must be lodged in writing (letter, FAX or            Email) to the Division Secretary, within three days of the game. The complaint must be endorsed by        a club office bearer.


  • The Division Greens Committee can be asked to investigate complaints about the speed or state of a green.
  • For pennant attire Division rules read: ‘’Bowls Victoria Rules for Attire apply - regulation dress is needed for pennant and if a registered club uniform is worn for pennant, all members of a side must be attired in the same shirt. WDBD Officials will consider complaints about uniform matters that are lodged by managers, who must inform their opponent's manager that they intend to lodge the complaint.”