1.    All matches will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Third Edition, January 2015), and with the Bowls Australia Domestic Regulations and the 2017/18 Bowls Victoria Rules for Competition.

     2.    The controlling body for all events is the WDBD Match Committee.

     3.    2017/18 Bowls Victoria Regulations for Attire will apply for all rounds. Players will be expected to wear their current club pennant team uniform but a composite team may choose to wear alternative apparel provided it adheres to Bowls Victoria Regulations for Attire Policy. Adhesive discs on bowls for all players in a team must be the same.

     4.    The Starting Time for all events will be 9.30 AM. A player or team not available to play within 30 minutes of the appointed commencing time will automatically forfeit the match.

     5.    A blind draw for opening rounds will be conducted by the WDBD Match Committee. Once the draw has been published no late entries will be accepted and the draw will not be changed.

     6.    One Trial End in each direction may be permitted before the first match of the day.

     7.    Slow Play    

            If the umpire, either by their own observation or on appeal from one of the skips or the opponents in singles, decides that a player is unnecessarily delaying the delivery of the player’s bowl:

     ? On the first occasion the umpire will warn the player.

     ? If the player commits the same offence a second time the end will be regarded as completed and the opponents of the offender will score as many shots as there are bowls in use by such opponent.

     ? If the player offends a third time the game will be forfeited to the opponent.

     8.    Player Protection

Players due to participate in a higher level event on the same day as that scheduled for knockout, sectional and post-sectional play can apply to the controlling body for protection.

If the event cannot be rescheduled then the participant concerned will have to decide which event to contest.

9. Entry Conditions

            ? Men’s events are open to Bowls Victoria affiliated Male bowlers and Women’s events are open to Bowls Victoria affiliated Female bowlers.

            ? In pairs, triples, and fours, events Composite Teams are permitted but all players must be members of clubs in the Western District Bowls Division.

            ? In Over 60 events players must be 60 years of age and over at the first day of play. The Novice Singles are open to bowlers first affiliated with Bowls Victoria on 1 July 2016 or after. Players in the under 25 Singles events must be under 25 on Monday 23   April 2018.

            ? Champion of Champions singles entries must be the current winners of their Club Singles Championships played to 25 Up.

10. Format of Play

            ? Singles Championships, Champion of Champion Singles, Under 25 Singles – 25 shots up, knockout play for all rounds.

            ? Over 60 Singles and Novice Singles – 21 shots up, knockout play for all rounds.

            ? Pairs and Mixed Pairs Championships, 2x2x2x2 pairs; and Fours Championships, 2 bowls per player - 18 ends knockout for all rounds.

            ? Triples (2 bowls per player) 15 ends sectional play on day 1, then 18 ends knockout.

            ? Over 60 Pairs – 2x2x2x2 pairs, 12 ends sectional play on day 1, then 15 ends   knockout.

11. Failure to Appear   

            ? A Region or Division conducting a State event shall have the power to apply a             penalty,  solely in the case of a dispute that involves non-appearance by a person or persons who having nominated for a State event fail to appear at the appropriate time and location without prior advice to the controlling body at least 24 hours prior with good cause.

            ? In such circumstances the onus is on the player/s to provide satisfactory reason and  evidence for non-appearance. Such penalty shall be $50 for each occasion payable  within 21 days from the date of the scheduled event. Failure to make payment within  the prescribed time will result in the person/s being rendered ineligible in further State events for a period of 12 months from the date of the offence.

The controlling body has the right to alter the conditions of play if necessary.